New Name. Same Deluxe Service.


New Name. Same Deluxe Service.

If you’re reading this, chances are you came here looking for Deluxe CreativeSo what gives, you’re asking? Well, after doing business as Deluxe for almost 6 years, we received a letter from a Large Corporation™ with a similar business name asking us to stop calling ourselves Deluxe. So, instead of entering into a messy legal battle, we decided to call ourselves David Bailey Design, or DBD for short.

What can you expect from David Bailey Design? Pretty much the same things you know and love about Deluxe – great design, creative solutions, awesome web technology and friendly people. The studio is still under the creative direction of David Bailey, the same person you’ve been working with all this time. No name change there. At least not that we know of!

New contact information

Phone 503-208-4237 (same number)